Welcome to a brand new episode of Figure Attack, as well as a bit of a new direction for my YouTube channel. In today’s episode I talk about the new direction of focusing on rebuilding my G.I. JOE collection that I had as a kid.

Now I am going to be honest, I have lots of toy interests, but G.I. JOE is really pulling me in right now for some reason. Could it be the debut of the 6 inch figures? The upcoming Snake Eyes movie? Joe Fest 2020? A combination of all of the above?

For whatever reason, I have fallen hard. I don’t have an endless supply of money, and I am starting with what I could scavenge from my childhood Joes to a few pieces that I picked up here and there throughout the years.

In any case I want to take you on a journey of reconnecting with my youth, collecting the greatest toy line ever created G.I. JOE. Follow me as I create new videos showcasing the new JOE stuff that I purchase.

I have been considering how I will do these new videos and I think I will start with a blind bag type of video. I will open up the package that has been shipped to me, so it will be just as exciting for you to watch what I open, as it is for me to add to my collection.

Together on this journey, I hope to rekindle my love for G.I. JOE as a brand, and hopefully bring a smile or two to some of your faces as you take the journey with me.

I can guarantee that I am not an expert, so there will be mistakes along the way, but hopefully some great JOE fans will be there to help point me in the right direction!

I hope you enjoy the videos that will no doubt be in your feed soon!

Yo Joe!

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