GI JOE Collecting Mission #3 | Gung-Ho

Welcome back to a brand new episode of my G.I. JOE Collecting Mission! In mission #3, I add a new action figure to the collection.

Sadly when I purchased him, I didn’t realize or (even look for) the elbow crack. I didn’t realize that was an actual thing, until I started noticing sellers pointing them out in sells on Facebook.

It’s all good though as I will one day replace some of these with better versions at some point. My goal as of right now is reacquire what I can to get a complete collection.

Check out the latest video below.

Although I had this one as a kid, this particular version of Gung-Ho was not one that I played with all that much. Most likely because he was in his dress blues and not in camouflage. This made him not usable in a fight in my young eyes. I did use him in office situations though. For instance meetings and things, but never had the original Gung-Ho in the same room or battlefield with him.

It’s weird what sort of memories come back to you just by picking up and holding these things.


This version of Gung-Ho was also sold at early G.I. JOE conventions with different accessories. The version sold at the conventions came with a black kris and a black sword.


Code Name: GUNG-HO
File Name:
 La Fitte, Etienne R.
SN: MC 564-88-3900
Primary Specialty: Recondo Instructor
Secondary Specialty: Jungle Warfare Training Instructor
Grade: E-7 (Sergeant)
Birthplace: Fer-de Lance, Louisiana

Gung-Ho was born and raised in a swamp, went to boot camp in a swamp and spent most of his Marine Corps career sneaking around in other countries’ swamps with a grenade launcher in his hands. He can low-crawl through the nastiest black-water, stinking mud and bubbling slime for a week with half his body covered in leeches and the other half raw with bug bites and still make an 0700 inspection formation with polished brass, spit-shined shoes, razor creases and a mean look in his eye. That’s a Marine.

Yo Joe!

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