G.I. JOE Collecting Mission #4 | Parts and Pieces

Welcome back to a brand new episode of my G.I. JOE Collecting Mission! In mission #4, I add a new action figure, accessories, and vehicle to the collection.

Watching the video, you will notice that I screwed-up and ordered something that I don’t actually need, which embarrasses me, but also irritates me to no end! The one piece I need, is the one piece not included with the Cobra A.S.P. that I purchased.

The video also showcases a couple of accessories that I added to the collection as well. I want to thank the folks at Big Boy Collectibles for the awesome packaging they did on the box of G.I. JOE goodies that I purchased from them. Everything was in its own little bag, then all wrapped in bubblewrap filling out the entire box.

I want to hear what you think about these items as well. Do you have them? When did you acquire them? Do you still like them? Start the conversation below. Also, if you notice anything in the video that I got wrong, let me know, I want to make sure I am delivering accurate information, especially for those that are just starting their collecting journey, or getting back in after an extended absence.

Yo Joe!

GI JOE Collecting Mission #3 | Gung-Ho

Welcome back to a brand new episode of my G.I. JOE Collecting Mission! In mission #3, I add a new action figure to the collection.

Sadly when I purchased him, I didn’t realize or (even look for) the elbow crack. I didn’t realize that was an actual thing, until I started noticing sellers pointing them out in sells on Facebook.

It’s all good though as I will one day replace some of these with better versions at some point. My goal as of right now is reacquire what I can to get a complete collection.

Check out the latest video below.

Although I had this one as a kid, this particular version of Gung-Ho was not one that I played with all that much. Most likely because he was in his dress blues and not in camouflage. This made him not usable in a fight in my young eyes. I did use him in office situations though. For instance meetings and things, but never had the original Gung-Ho in the same room or battlefield with him.

It’s weird what sort of memories come back to you just by picking up and holding these things.


This version of Gung-Ho was also sold at early G.I. JOE conventions with different accessories. The version sold at the conventions came with a black kris and a black sword.


Code Name: GUNG-HO
File Name:
 La Fitte, Etienne R.
SN: MC 564-88-3900
Primary Specialty: Recondo Instructor
Secondary Specialty: Jungle Warfare Training Instructor
Grade: E-7 (Sergeant)
Birthplace: Fer-de Lance, Louisiana

Gung-Ho was born and raised in a swamp, went to boot camp in a swamp and spent most of his Marine Corps career sneaking around in other countries’ swamps with a grenade launcher in his hands. He can low-crawl through the nastiest black-water, stinking mud and bubbling slime for a week with half his body covered in leeches and the other half raw with bug bites and still make an 0700 inspection formation with polished brass, spit-shined shoes, razor creases and a mean look in his eye. That’s a Marine.

Yo Joe!