G.I. JOE 25th Anniversary – Comic 2-Packs Wave 5 – Destro & Iron Grenadier

Today I sold my entire Transformers collection (which was nothing extraordinary) to a local comic shop for $250.00. Unfortunately, my wife took most of the money, but I was allowed to keep a paltry $20.00.

Knowing that I had that $20 in my pocket and coming off of the high that was Joe Fest 2019, I had to buy a JOE or two. Before I left the comic shop, I noticed he had a G.I. JOE 25th Anniversary – Comic 2-Packs Wave 5 – Destro & Iron Grenadier – and of course, there went my $20.00.

I must say, that it was a $20.00 that was well spent, and it continues to pull me more into getting back into G.I. JOE, but this particular set really pulled at my nostalgic heart strings more than anything. I actually remember buying both of these figures from the 1988 line, as these were two of the last JOE items I purchased, before the resurrection in the late 90’s, early 2000’s.

Check out the quick review video below.


The 25th Anniversary Destro & Iron Grenadier 2-pack is accompanied by an exclusive Larry Hama comic book. Destro features a gold chrome mask, a dark blue uniform and a red fabric cape, and is equipped with a pistol and a saber. Having previously served Cobra in his capacity as arms suppliers, Destro contemptuously differentiates himself from the chaotic dictates of Cobra Commander, stockpiling his own arsenal of weaponry as he builds his ranks with formidable Iron Grenadier troopers. The Iron Grenadier is clad in a dark blue uniform, with a black helmet and red mask, and is equipped with a saber & scabbard. The ranks of the Iron Grenadiers are harvested from among mercenaries and Destros elite bodyguards.



This two pack had a variant that fans need to watch for. The two versions of this pack included different Destro figures. The one shown above features Destro with a gold mask. The variant featured Destro with a black mask.



DESTRO has built up his army of IRON GRENADIER troopers from among his bodyguards. Chosen for their endurance, tenacity and pure meanness, IRON GRENADIER troopers are part of the weapon supplier’s plans to take control of the COBRA organization. The IRON GRENADIER force has been trained to infiltrate an area and spread panic and chaos, resulting in an increased demand for weapons – supplied by DESTRO, of course. An IRON GRENADIER trooper is like an obnoxious salesman with guns. In fact, he gets a commission on any armaments sold because of his efforts, and receives incentive points for starting riots and encouraging armed revolts.

“We have no hearts, we have no fears, we’ll sell you guns, we’ll sell you spears… We are the IRON GRENADIERS!” (part of the IRON GRENADIER marching song)

Code Name: DESTRO

FILE NAME: Destro, James McCullen
BIRTHPLACE: Callander, Scotland

Once a major supplier of advanced weapons and vehicles and advisor to COBRA COMMANDER, DESTRO now pursues his own grandiose schemes. He has created a small army of IRON GRENADIER troopers from his private bodyguards, and will use them to take control of the COBRA organization. A man with a conflicted sense of loyalty, he struggles to act with honor toward the man he swore to server – COBRA COMMANDER – yet feels it is his duty to remove an incompetent leader from power for the good of the organization.

“If you wish to be an IRON GRENADIER, you must do your utmost at all times. I will not tolerate mediocre performance: you will be the best, or suffer the consequences.”

About G.I. JOE:

A Real American Hero, G.I. Joe has been here since the 1960s, to defend America and the world! Starting life as a real military hero, Joe has gone on to be an Action Man, part of an Adventure Team, a Real American Hero, and more. Saving the world from terrorists and boredom, Hasbro’s G.I. Joe toys have brought millions of children a smile as they fought Cobra, and countless adults enjoy them today as some of the finest collectible toys on the market.

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